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    Do not wait for leaders ! Do it alone person to person !

    In this Life We Cannot do GREAT things !
    We can only do small things with GREAT Love !
    - Mother Teresa
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    "If you judge people,
    you have no time to love them"

    "It's not how much we give but
    how much love we put into giving"
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    Together We Can Save Many Lives
    Our mission is to help those
    who need it
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    Our Contribution To Ensure Children Their Rights & Health
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    ATCT Social Works - Child Hospitalization
    Children Education | Orphanage Child Home
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Hospitality Support

Our sincere thanks to the Hospitals and Institutions for their incredible services towards the holistic health care.

Our Visionary Projects

Medical aid financial support towards the Treatment of Cancer, Heart Surgeries, Kidney Transplantation (Rejuvenated many lives).

Treatment care for Mentally Challenged, Hearing Impaired and other physical disabilities. Supporting to the Underprivileged and helpless children towards life survival (essentials like food, shelter, education, medical expenses). Transformed the living condition of many children.

Rehabilitation support to affected victims due to the natural calamities & devastations like Tsunami and Thane Cyclones.

Hospitalization Support : Open Heart Surgery , Closed Heart Surgery ,Pediatric Cardiac Care, Cancer Care , Kidney Dialysis , Kidney Transplantation.

To date, ATCT has been successful in raising the $10,000 that is required to cover the cost of each patient. This amount covers hospitalization, regardless the length of stay for the youngster, medical needs, teaching programs and administration, travel and room & board. Our entire surgical, intensive care and nursing staff, standing now at a total of 70 people, substantially volunteer their services and donate-their-time.

The demand for our services is overwhelming. Since our inception in 2010 the number of operations has grown from near nothing to a total of more than 20 childrens. It is important to note that since Annai Teresa Charitable Trust began we have examined over 500 children. We are planning to expand our services and facilities in order to achieve our goal of more than 50 operations annually.

The other major obstacle preventing the treatment of the growing number of children from developing countries suffering from rheumatic and congenital heart disease is the limited space in the current ATCT children's home. This facility (350 sqm) was designed to accommodate 60 guests, including children, medical personnel, family members and volunteers. ATCT's natural growth has meant that this facility is no longer sufficient to meet the organization's growing needs. Therefore construction of a new children's home is required, which will provide ATCT with the required space for the growing number of children participating in the program and the program's needs.

In order to bring our efforts to success, we require substantial funding. We hope you will join our vision in saving needy children from around the world who suffer from all forms of heart defects. Together with your support, and our medical treatment, we can send a message of love and hope to these children of all ages, and give great joy to their families. If you would like to help ATCTH to make a difference, please join our family and make a donation. There are more than 100 children on our waiting list.

Annai Teresa Medical Aid Support Volunteer Team