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    Do not wait for leaders ! Do it alone person to person !

    In this Life We Cannot do GREAT things !
    We can only do small things with GREAT Love !
    - Mother Teresa
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    "If you judge people,
    you have no time to love them"

    "It's not how much we give but
    how much love we put into giving"
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    Together We Can Save Many Lives
    Our mission is to help those
    who need it
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    Our Contribution To Ensure Children Their Rights & Health
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    ATCT Social Works - Child Hospitalization
    Children Education | Orphanage Child Home
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Orphanage Home

Annai Teresa Childrens Home

An appeal to Sponsors to support Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner to Annai Teresa Children Home :

Annai Teresa means joy and tranquillity and our home proves this beyond doubt. Presently we have 30 abandoned Girl Childrens ( Girls - 5years to 17years ) who have no living children and no source of income, leading a blissful life as one big family making.

We provides accommodation for these seniors with all necessary comforts like cots, mattresses, fans, solar water heaters, refrigerators, television,

Support from well-wishers
On a regular basis, well-wishers celebrate their special dates and honour the remembrance dates of their loved ones at Annai Teresa by sponsoring for lunch/dinner. The 53 inmates together pray for the well-being of the family of the sponsor on that day.

As a part of the society, it is our duty to extend our maximum possible help financially and physically to our fellow men and women, doing so, will make our life meaningful and a big step forward in building a "Humane Society". Your honourable visit here is one such step and a golden opportunity to us to introduce ourselves and the service we render through our home "Annai Teresa Charitable Trust ".

We are immensly happy to invite you to share your might and help to assist this noble cause.

Thank you so much for having taken your precious time to go through the lines of our activities. We have miles to go in this great task - but it is possible with YOUR support! We would very much appreciate you involvement in our work. Please join us by prayer and donation to bring our children on the right path!

for Annai Teresa Old Age Home - All the day to day expenses including medical expenses Also.

1 Breakfast Rs.3500.00 08.30AM
2 Lunch Rs.5500.00 12.30PM
3 Dinner Rs.3500.00 8.00PM

Orphanage Gallery